Make a Difference

Make A Difference

Pawsitive Karma Rescue would not exist without our volunteers but, in order to grow and increase our life saving capabilities, we need to expand our volunteer base. PKR offers a variety of volunteer opportunities that cover a wide range of vocations and interests.

DATA ENTRY: Want to volunteer but can’t leave the house? This is a great way to help save lives from the home or office. All you’ll need is a computer and internet access. PKR uses several databases to track the animals, volunteers and adopters in our program and most are user friendly. Petpoint is the only database that requires a short training webinar prior to any actual data entry.

VOICEMAILS: More comfortable on the phone? We receive many calls and voicemails each day. This is a flexible volunteer position that allows you to set your own schedule. You will need a phone, a computer and internet access or just a Smartphone to access the voicemail program. You will also need to familiarize yourself with PKR’s policies and procedures so you can answer questions correctly and confidently.

MARKETING MANAGER: Have Great Ideas? We are looking for ways to spread the word about PKR and our cause! We need volunteers who are committed to marketing our group and our animals.

EVENT COORDINATOR: Are you creative? We love to host events starring our rescue pets and are always looking for unique and creative ways to introduce our animals to the public. We also host monthly themed adoption events at various local venues and are in desperate need of someone to plan and coordinate these events.

FLYER/NEWSLETTER DESIGNER: Great at designing flyers? When hosting events we like to make professional and appealing flyer to advertise the event. We also make flyers for causes and long stay animals. PKR would like to start hosting a monthly newsletter.

BIO OR BLOG WRITER: Great with words? PKR often takes in under socialized, sick, or injured animals and each of these animals has a story to tell. This position would include writing animal bios, preparing feature stories for different animals every month, maintaining a PKR blog about animal health and nutrition, training, helpful resources, volunteer opportunities, event…and these are just a few examples. The sky is really the limit here. This is probably the most effective means we have of spreading the word about PKR and our mission.

VENDOR/DONATION MANAGER: Can you bring in the goods? PKR is in constant need of supplies for our foster animals and we especially need to be prepared for each puppy and kitten season. This person would be responsible for acquiring donations of food and supplies and negotiating reasonable prices for the supplies we must purchase. This is an extremely important position because we can’t properly care for our animals without supplies.

Leadership Roles: Great leader? We have numerous volunteer positions such as: foster manager, volunteer coordinator, shelter coordinator, and much more! But we ask that the interested volunteer spend a bit of time volunteering with our group to get the feel of things before taking on a leadership role. We take our program’s animals wellbeing seriously and a leadership role is a serious commitment. We also want to make sure you are happy with our group before investing time in a position. Please reach out to us and let us know what role you would like to potentially take on so that we can start you on the right track with volunteer opportunities.

If you have a volunteer idea that wasn’t listed, please feel free to let us know about it. We welcome any input that might improve our volunteer efforts.