Fostering is one of the most rewarding and emotional volunteer opportunities. It is amazing how opening your home to a foster pet temporary can make such a huge impact. It’s a temporary commitment to save a life. It makes you wonder why everyone doesn’t try fostering! Click here for Foster Application.

Keep in mind, fostering is fun but it is also a serious commitment. The foster parent holds the power of how quickly their foster pet finds their new forever home. Fostering takes time and hard work, but in the end it is the best feeling when your foster pet find a forever home. Fostering a pet until adoption can be as short as 2 weeks to as long as 6-9 months. It all depends on the animal’s health, behavior, and age. Our foster screeners will ask you vital questions about your lifestyle so that they can match you with the best foster choice.

A quick outline of the step-by-step process of fostering:

HAPPY: Most animals that have come from the shelters have been through a lot. As a foster you provide an environment for your animal that makes them feel safe and relaxed. By giving your foster plenty of love and attention you will lift their spirits up in no time!

HEALTHY: There is always the possibility of an animal to become ill from the shelter. We require a 10-day quarantine period for your foster pet from any household pets. This can be anywhere from a bedroom to a bathroom. We ask for open communication between the foster managers and foster parent if any signs of illness irrupt.

HOME: Once your foster is healthy and happy it is ready to find it’s perfect home! As a foster you need to promote your animal. It is important to attend photos shoots sponsored by “Y.E.S. Photography” for great action shots of your foster pet. It is also helpful to try to take good video of your foster to show them off! We ask for help with advertising on craigslist and other websites in hopes to finding a forever home for your foster pet.

Foster Help: Can’t foster? There are still ways you can interact with a foster pet! Even if you can’t keep a foster pet in your home you can still sponsor a foster pet with your time. There are times that foster parents have a lot going on at once. Sometimes walking their foster dog, or playing with their foster cat for an hour can make a huge difference to the foster parent. We don’t want a busy schedule to deter potential fosters away. A few ways to help a foster parent: Bathe or groom the dogs/puppies, take the dogs out for a walk, play with the dogs/cats, help clean crates/rooms, take photos/video, help feed, and much more!