Triton joined PKR in March of 2012. He was diagnosed with a disorder called Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH). CH affects the kitten’s cerebellum growth, which can cause difficulties with coordination, balance and fine motor skills. Triton’s symptoms are characterized as moderate. He can run and walk on carpet but cannot jump. He loves to sprint around and chase other kitties, but cannot jump or balance on objects.

We realize that there are only a handful of exceptional people willing to take on the challenges of special needs pets. So until we find perfect match for Triton, we would like to ask his friends and fans to participate in his care by donating goods and/or services to PKR.

While Triton continues to search for his forever home, sponsors are greatly appreciated. Monthly or one time donations will help pay for Triton’s food, supplies, vet visits, and anything else that will keep him happy and comfortable in his foster home.

To learn more about Triton, check out his story and video and read his bio.

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