Tabitha Galeana

To Sonya Galeana:

Mom, you are the one that taught me that no home is complete without an animal to love. You told me that animals are the most special family members. They are there for you when you are sad and happy, they do not hold grudges for long, they can feel and see the afterlife and they are the most innocent souls on earth. I think we can both agree that Bussycat and Simba where the exception to the “no grudges” rule.

You taught me how to rescue starting at one year old. You showed me how to bottle feed, and raise even the smallest kittens, rabbits, and birds. My favorite rescues with you were Panda and Buddha. They were found amongst their dead siblings in a dumpster field where they were tangled in bob wire in a plastic trash bag. I couldn’t comprehend why someone would do that. I remember all the work and money we had to put into them to get them well. We were at first so sad when Panda had to get her tail amputated. But then we quickly discovered how much cuter she was when she would wiggle her “nub”. You made me get up every few hours to bottle feed them. It’s funny how much I loved caring for them throughout the night even though it meant I didn’t get to sleep in on the weekend. And I remember crying together when they went to their new home. I also remember crying together when we found out how cruel their new home was to them even after all they have already been through. You immediately pulled them out of that home and we finally found their forever home with the sweet older lady. This is the first time I realized that not all people care for animals the same as you did. I realized it takes a special person to care for something more than themselves.

ChiChi and Meisha are doing wonderfully. They are both 11 years old now and still act very young. ChiChi has never lost his confidence again. It was amazing how much he came out of his timid shell just to be by your side, to protect you when you were sick. Now he is always by my side watching over me.

Everything I do in rescue now is in memory of your love for animals. Before you passed I started working for the vet clinic. You told me that there is no better field for me to be apart of. That you expect me to do great things with animals. I strive daily not to disappoint you and to continue what you would have loved to do.

This donation is in memory of you and your love for animals.

Your daughter, Tabitha Galeana


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