Need To Find A Home?

We currently do not accept pets from the public into our regular foster program. We primarily concentrate on “last chance” animals at risk at our local shelters.

Austin Animal Center offers information and resources on how to find homes for stray animals. Here is great website to read about finding homes for pets:
There is also a PAAS program in place locally to help re-homing pets:

We do currently offer a “Foster Until Adoption” Program for people who have found a stray animal they need to find a home for or need to rehome an animal they have rescued. This is up to the discretion of our intake team. All people part of the “Foster Until Adoption” program must be screened as a usual foster. We also have some requirements on medical and training. If approved, the owner of the animal would foster the animal themselves until the animal is adopted. The advantage of this is they will have full access to our adoption events, they will be on our website, and all adopters will be properly screened before placing the animal in their home. The owner is volunteering with us during this process. So they do have to feed a high quality, approved food the animals, make the vet appointments scheduled, and follow our fostering and adoption process. Here is a link to information about fostering:

Please email if you and your rescued animal would like to be considered for the “Foster Until Adoption” Program. Please also email if you need assistance in other ways such as food and supplies for your pet.