High Quality Food

Why is high quality food so important?

Our rescue believes in providing what is best to our rescue pets to help them live the long lives they where meant to. Most low quality foods or puppy chows are only meat by products and corn meal, some of the two most harmful ingredients in pet food.

Brands like Halo, Nature’s Variety and Natural Balance offer meats that are human quality. It is a matter of feeding an animal diseased meat that has been deemed not fit for human consumption and sometimes is barely meat at all (meat by products) versus feeding an animal good quality meat. Animal food should just say Chicken in the ingredients, not Chicken by product.

Why is good quality food important? Well it makes a huge different in your pets lifespan. Feeding an animal good quality food allows them to live out their long healthy lives they where meant to. Plus it decreases future health problems such as organ failure, obesity, arthritis, and tumors.

Brands like Halo are still available at common stores like Petco. And there is also coupons on their site for their food!

Read this article on what’s in low quality food to get a better idea.

It is easy to pick out a high quality food from a pet store. Just simply look at the ingredients. If the ingredients state that there is “by product” or “corn meal” then it is not high quality. Look for fruits, veggies, and of course make sure chicken or turkey is the first ingredient.

A few favorite great brands and where they can be purchased:

  • Halo Chicken Kibble/Canned (Petco only)
  • Halo Turkey Kibble/Canned (Petco only)
  • Wellness Chicken Kibble/Canned (Petco or Petsmart)
  • Nature’s Variety Chicken Pairie Kibble (Petco or Tomlinson’s)
  • Nature’s Variety Kibble (Petco or Tomlinson’s)
  • Orjen Kibble (Tomlison’s)
  • Blue Buffalo Kibble/Canned (Petsmart, Petco, or Tomlinson’s)
  • Nutro Naturals Chicken Canned (Petco, Petsmart, or Tomlinson’s)
  • Diamond Chicken Kibble/Canned (Petco or Tomlinson’s)
  • Innova Chicken Canned (Petco, Petsmart or Tomlinson’s)

A few favorite approved treats where they can be purchased:

  • Halo “Live A Little” Dried Chicken (Petco only)
  • Halo Pumpkin Chews (Petco only)
  • Ask Tomlinson’s Pet Store for suggested natural treats. They have a lot of selection!