Nadia joined PKR in July of 2012. Nadia was pulled from a home along with 85+ cats in Mesquite, Texas because of animal neglect. PKR took her in on the day she was due to be euthanized along with four other cats. When Nadia came to us she was matted with urine, her ears were covered in ear mites, and she had a large hernia. After we rescued Nadia we then learned her full story. Nadia has had a rough start to life. She was abused as a kitten by children with a lighter and was treated for third degree burns. She has burn scares on her face and a few spots on her body. Also, Nadia’s back left leg tendon was cut and never properly treated. She cannot bend this leg at all or use it for jumping or climbing. But this does not hinder Nadia in the least bit from getting around. She has figured out a way to live with her injury.

Nadia has been treated and spoiled in our program. She had surgery to remove her hernia and all mites and worms are gone. Her leg does not cause her any pain or discomfort. She is now healthy as can be and happily spoiled.

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