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Sponsor A Pet

Sponsor A Special Needs or Long Stay Animal

Pawsitive Karma Rescue often rescues animals with special needs, behavioral issues and preexisting medical conditions. We are dedicated to finding the best homes possible for each one of them but it can be a bit more challenging. Some of these special animals may be in our foster program for longer periods of time in order to heal their bodies and spirits. This means they may require more than just the basic food, supplies and medical care we provide for each of our pet fosters. By sponsoring a long stay or special needs animal you will be providing them with the means to recover and thrive and the chance to find the perfect someone(s) who will recognize and appreciate their specialness.

You can sponsor a long stay or special needs animal by clicking on the animals photo which direct you to their bio and donation options. Monthly payments of your choice can be made with a credit card or through your PayPal account. Each animal may have more than one sponsor at a time.

You can also contribute to animals with special medical needs who need a specific operation by donating on their FundRazr page which will also be on their bio page.

Once you become an official sponsor we will add your name to the animal’s biography page. We will send you photographs and additional information about your animal and will regularly update you on their progress. We encourage you to send messages of hope and love which we will also post on their page and our social media sites. Sponsors are more than welcome to send gifts to their chosen animals. Beds, treats and toys are always greatly appreciated and we are excited to share photos of grateful sponsor animals enjoying their gifts. Sponsors will also be given the opportunity to visit their rescue animal and meet them in person.

Sponsors may terminate their sponsorship at any time with written notice via email.

Yearly/One Time Donation


We currently support multiple feral cat colonies. We also pull feral cats for the euthanasia lists at shelters and find safe barn or business placements for them. Sponsoring a feral cat will help us continue to feed and provide routine medical care and shelter to all feral cats in our care or in partnered colonies.

FERAL CAT WISHLIST: http://amzn.com/w/2KOA7FR398B3F