Kitten Cam

Cam 1 – Tent Cam

Q: How old are the kittens?
A: They are currently are 8 weeks as of 9/19/13. They were rescued off of the euthanasia list in Arlington tx.

Q: What are the kittens’ names?
A: There are 5 total, all are siblings.

George- Orange Tabby
Judy- Orange Tabby
Elroy- Brown Tabby
Jane- Brown Tabby
Rosie- Brown Tabby
*collars coming soon*

Adopted Recently: Lemmy, Ozzy

Cam 2 – Garfield Room

*Chip, Anabelle, and Edwin are looking for safe outdoor barn placements. Learn more about our barn cats under our barn cat section on our website!

Q. What are the age ranges of the kittens and cats in this room?
A: They range from 8 weeks to 2 year old

Q: What are the kittens’ names?
A: Piggie- Piggie was rescued from the at risk list in Austin, Tx. She came in as a 8 week old feral kitten. She is now one year old. Piggie loves to be pet and cuddled and will flip over and roll around for attention. She is looking for a loving and patient home that will allow them to slowly come out of her shell and eventually show off her great personality!

Pumpkin and Joe- Both are 2 months as of 9/19/13. Pumpkin is a brown tabby and she is shy at first, but very loving. Joe is a play monster. He love to tackle and find things to get into. He is a orange and white kitten. Both were rescued off of the euthanasia list from a shelter in Arlington, Tx.

Mickey and Minnie- Mickey is 8 weeks as of 9/19/13 and Minnie is 3 months. Mickey is a blue tabby with tons of curiosity and Minnie is a laid back torbie with adorable white socks. Both were rescue from the euthanasia list as feral kittens from Arlington, Tx. But now they are social and are ready for forever homes!

Annabelle- Annabelle was rescued off of the euthanasia list in Arlington, Texas’ high kill shelter. She came in as a feral kitten. She is 4
months as of 9/19/13 and is looking for a safe outdoor home.

Edwin- This little guy found us! He stubbled into one of our adopter’s garage one night. We took him in the next day and he quickly showed us his funny personality. Edwin is an escape artist. He can figure out a way to escape out of any crate or enclosure. He is very intelligent and has a lot on his mind at all times! He never stop chatting and telling you what he is thinking. He is an adorable brown tabby. Edwin is 4
months as of 9/19/13 and is looking for a safe outdoor home.

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